Unofficially Up and Running

Almost done setting up my site! I am excited, yet shy to let the world in. I’ve had blogs before but it never felt serious. My plan is to make this sanctuary of mine to be consistent. I want my blog to have personal meaning and to be able to reflect my best self. I’ve tried to make my blog a little unique with my little drawings, but it looks quite silly haha. I was never good at digital drawing but it will be something I will exp

I chose to do a beauty/art blog because…why not? I couldn’t let go of either one so why not combine it! I hope to share my reviews so that it may help others who are thinking of buying the products. Beauty blogs definitely helped me out when I wanted more information about it. Researching beauty products just became a hobby for me and I hope this humble blog of mine will be of help in the future and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perspective with everyone!

Thank you for reading, till next time!

Published by Rosellery

Personal blog for beauty (makeup and skincare) reviews. This blog expresses honest thoughts and inspire self-care through beauty products.

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