Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil Review


I am excited to introduce my first beauty review! YAY! This is one of the products I have used for my skincare routine for the longest time and it has definitely contributed to my clearer skin. I picked this product out of curiosity (and impulse) from Sephora which was about 40 USD. The “oil” part was the one that really sold me because my skin is really dry.


Cleansing oils is currently an ongoing trend and often used as the first step for the “double-cleansing method”, which was developed from a Korean skincare routine. Using an oil-based cleanser helps take off ALL (or most of) the makeup and cleanses oily pores. The 1st cleanser is followed by a foam cleanser or any gentle water-based cleanser to completely clean any remaining dirt or makeup.

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I occasionally do the double cleanse when I wear lots of makeup (mascara, eye shadows, i.e.). When I used the double method, what I do is I use the solid cleansing oil then use Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask Wash Off to take out my stubborn whiteheads. I only use the black sugar mask once or twice a week because it’s an exfoliator. Most of the time I use the cleanser by itself to take off my makeup and it keeps my skin moisturized.


When I uncapped the lid, it came with a cute plastic spatula (which later broke) that sits on top of a plastic lid that covers the cleanser. The smell is AMAZING! The cleanser has a fresh floral, herbal smell.

The solid cleanser on my face is hardly noticeable, it just looks like I washed my face but it definitely goes on shiny because it’s oily. This photo of me was taken a while ago and in my defense, the pimples I have now isn’t present hehe.


Here are the ingredients that explains the pleasant smell. I have used this product for more than 6 months, maybe about a year. It has lasted me a while even when I used it almost every night. I used about a size of a dime, maybe half a teaspoon which is probably why the cleanser lasted so long. I ran out of this product a few months ago and I will surely buy it again when I can splurge. The Erborian solid cleansing oil definitely does the job and it’s worth the money, but it is not recommended for others on a budget. In the meantime, it gives me an opportunity to try other types of cleansers and I can’t wait to share my review on my current cleansers!

I hope my reviews helped anyone who are thinking of buying a new cleanser. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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