Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Review

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This jar is bigger than my hand!

I first saw this brand at Sephora during my honeymoon trip in Hawaii. I almost bought this item compulsively but thank goodness I didn’t before doing my research because they only had lemon. There are three types of exfoliating peels; the lemon, green tea, and wine for different skin concerns. According to Soko Glam, Neogen is a cruelty-free brand which makes it even better and conscious-free for me personally. I try to lean towards natural and cruelty-free products, although it can be difficult to know for sure because it isn’t always labeled clearly. I’m sure some of my beauty products aren’t all natural, but most of them are cruelty-free.

According to the company website:

The lemon peel indicates a “brighter, more radiant skin: lemon serum abundant in vitamins delivers brighter, healthier and refreshed skin”.

The green tea peel is for “relaxed and hydrated skin: mineral ingredients from the green tea helps refresh the skin while replenishing moisture to the skin”.

Lastly, the wine peel is “anti-aging: wine serum containing resveratrol delivers firmer, healthier, and stronger skin”.

I chose the wine peel because I thought it would help clear some of my acne scars and give my skin tone a brighter complexion. I also figured maybe it would help clear out my milia since exfoliation was one of the advised treatment. The peel seemed to have multitasking properties than others.

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I bought the product from Amazon for a much cheaper price compared to the Sephora and Soko Glam website. I bought it for about 19 USD, it is probably cheaper now when I last checked the Amazon website. The description in the products is in Korean which might explain why it’s cheaper? I assume. Anyway, it looked legitimate to me.

Here are additional details from the Neogen website:




When I first opened the jar, it smelled so much like grape juice. I could almost taste it!

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Like the instructions, I use it about once a week when I see a lot of whiteheads around my nose or twice when I need to feel cleaner. I bought this product last year of November. I am down to 3 pads as of today which I think has lasted me pretty long up till now. I should be finished with the product this month.

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Exfoliated side VS Soft side

Sometimes I forget to keep my face dry, it’s a habit to wash my face first. The instruction says to apply on dry face (doesn’t matter, really). I used the exfoliated side first to gently but effectively scrub the dead skin cells, the whiteheads and the milia under my eyes. I take my time scrubbing every single parts of my face and I focus on the troubled area a little more. The soft side is suppose to pick up the excess dead skin and dirt. After washing my face, I immediately feel the smoothness on my face. I definitely felt clean afterwards.

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I can’t say the Bio-Peel has made a huge difference, my milia is still present (which I didn’t expect to completely disappear) and my whiteheads still appear a day or two days after, but it did maintain my clear skin and it became a little more even. I only wished my whiteheads would appear less often if that is even possible or that I need something effective. Overall, I think it does what it claims which is “smoother, brighter, tighter and healthier skin”. I probably expected more from the product than what its suppose to do although, it is better than the exfoliating product I have ever used (next to Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask). I would definitely purchase it again but I would like to try the lemon peel next. I hope this was a useful review for anyone considering a new exfoliating product! Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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5 thoughts on “Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Review

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that my review helped in some way! I look forward to your review if you decide to try it! I am also curious what type of peeling pad you would try haha.

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      1. You’re welcome! I would love to try the Lemon variant. I might also check this out on Amazon ’cause most of the online stores I know sell this for a much higher price.

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