100% Pure Luminous Primer Review

I’m always excited to share beauty products with everyone, especially when I am confident that it works! I will also mention that this is another HOLY GRAIL product for dry skin! I like finding items that are not only natural and organic but also cruelty-free, it keeps me conscious-free. Again, it was the only primer that worked for me so far. I bought this primer about a year ago when I was working at an airport. There were also ads about this brand online. I decided to splurge and try it out. By splurge, it was about 37 USD including my discount (still expensive AMIRIGHT?!). The primer was still a good investment in the long run I suppose.

Of course, I had researched this product before purchasing it. There are only 2 types of primer recommended for different skin types and/or finish. According to the reviews I’ve read, the Luminous primer is good for dry skin types. The Mattifying Primer is better for oily skin types which reduces shine. Here are screenshots of the Luminous primer for more information about the product (taken from the company website):




rosellery.wordpress.com (1)

The consistency seems gel/watery-like but easily spreads. As you can see it has tiny glitter particles for a glowy finish. The product lasted me a little more than a year, which was nice. I didn’t need much product to cover my face, only a dime size. The pump helped get the most out of the product but not all of it. I refused to believe the product was gone so I started scraping it with my finger to get the most out haha.


When it is spread, it absorbs into the skin quickly. I didn’t have any problem with cakey makeup, the primer has kept my skin moisturized. During the wintertime, it may have been difficult to keep my skin hydrated because it started flaking. I discovered my skin tend to be the driest during the winter season. I thought that it may be the moisturizer that I was using (and it was!). The primer worked better when I switched to a different moisturizer. I will be doing a review for that product in the future!

I would probably buy this again, although the price is a little expensive but I do believe in quality over quantity (sometimes). The glitter effect was subtle and it gave my skin a natural glow. I thought it works well with my BB cushions. Again, I will repurchase this ONLY if I am able to spare extra funds. Thank you for reading and I hope this was a useful review for anyone looking into a new face primer. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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