Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream Review

I present to you my favorite sun care product so far! The aloe sun cream is one of the few sunscreen product I have tried because I’ve figured not too long ago that sun care is important! Well, I chose to not be lazy as well haha. A few of the sunblocks I have tried have always been thick and heavy, it also left my skin with a white cast. In some ways I was discouraged with sun products and thought my face would be okay as long as my moisturizer and makeup had SPF. After reading a few blogs and reading how important it is to apply sun screen, I was convinced that I should start because I don’t want my skin to age too fast!

The main purpose of sunscreen is to block ultra violet radiation, both found in sun rays and tanning beds which commonly causes skin cancer. Long term exposure to the sun can lead to aging, sagging skin and liver spots, sun burn, etc. I’ve always been told to put sunscreen on because it could lead to skin cancer but the lazy person that I am never listened or understood why it was important even if the weather wasn’t even sunny. I learned that UVs are still present even when it’s cloudy and it’s important to apply sunscreen everyday! I found that the Skin Cancer Foundation website has more information about types of UVs, the common ingredients found in sunscreens and in depth information on SPFs. It’s really useful to know what type of sunscreen to buy and I honestly think it’s too complicated to why there’s so many different SPF number on different sunscreens! I have more to learn about sun care for sure…ON TO THE REVIEW!

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A Korean product with English information YAY! (Although it’s not a big deal hehe). I bought this sun cream on Amazon for a pretty fair price, about 12.70 USD. I read this product from different bloggers claiming that it was a good product for dry skin type and it was very moisturizing. I was especially hooked when it was described to have no white cast effect! The Cosrx brand has become a quite popular brand in the U.S., it’s available almost anywhere in Ulta and Urban Outfitter stores. Sometimes even Asian supermarkets carry the brand. You will definitely be able to find the brand from beauty stores online!

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I should really look into what these ingredients mean! The descriptions itself is overwhelming, it’s like doing school work if I research all these at once! But I’m hoping in the future I can learn each ingredients as I go about reviewing different products. I bought this product last October, and I still have quite a few more leftover!

The sun cream spreads easily, it feels like any moisturizer. As you can see in the picture above, the cream leaves a bit of a light cast but it settles in afterwards. The smell is light and pleasant but you can still smell that regular sunblock product, it’s just faint. I am really happy with this product because I did not break out. My skin adjusted to the cream very well, if anything it kept my skin hydrated. The moisturizer I use sometimes leaves my skin dry and I am glad that the sun cream is there as backup. The sun cream is very handy especially in this summer weather. The only thing about this product I would like to mention for dry skin type like mine is that I’ve developed an oily T-zone, especially on my nose and cheeks. It could be because it’s summer or it may be my current primer. Other than that, I would repurchase when I run out! I am also always open to other sun care products because I would like to compare the product that suits my skin best!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find this review informative and useful, I am glad to be of any help for anyone considering a new sunscreen product. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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