Missha Time Revolution Set: First Treatment Essence (Intensive) and Night Repair Borabit Ampoule Review

Hello! I am doing a double skincare product review! I bought the set on Amazon for 55 USD. I believe it has become cheaper by now. I bought this item about a year and a half ago and the essence lasted me about a year and I am close to finishing the ampoule night treatment. But first let me give you a quick breakdown!

Essence VS Treatment Essence VS Toner

Who knew skincare would be this complicated?! I surely did not haha. At glance these three look very similar because the consistency is watery but each are served a different purpose.

Essences are pretty much a lightweight version of serums and has less concentration compared to serums. Essences can be thicker than treatment essences and can be packaged in pumps or droppers.

Treatment Essence have specific anti-aging ingredients and have higher concentration than regular essence but less concentration than serums. Treatment essence are very watery and are often packaged in a much bigger bottle or container than an essence.

Toners are the second important step after cleansing. It is a water-based formula and often alcohol-free. Toners are what balances the pH on the skin from becoming dry and keeps the skin hydrated and naturally cleanses bacteria formed on the skin.

Lastly, astringents can often be confused with toners because it is so similar. You may even call it an older version of toners. It is also water-based, the only difference is it has alcohol and is suggested for acne prone and oily skin type. The alcohol ingredient is what dries the skin and makes the skin feel tight but also cleanses the oil and bacteria from acne. Alcohol in skincare products are debatable because others do not recommend it, but it can be an ingredient that works for others. Alcohol in astringents have also become developed so it is gentle on the skin.

Serums VS Ampoules

Serums have a thicker consistency than essences, but can have a similar or lighter consistency than ampoules. Serums are described to have less concentrated ingredients than ampoules.

Ampoules usually packaged smaller than serums and only need less application because the ingredients are very concentrated.

These information I learned have finally filled my curiosity. I found these to be useful to know in terms of what types of product I will buy in the future and how much concentration or ingredients I want inside my products. Hope you have found these useful and if you would like to know where my sources came from it is from here and here.

On to the review!

Untitled design (2)
I apologize for the photo quality.

I bought the treatment essence before I knew what it was. At the time I thought I was going to have 2 toners and I wasn’t sure how it would be like for my skin. I took a chance and I used my Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner followed by the treatment essence. Eventually, it turned out great! Both products seemed to balance each other on my improved skin.

I got this as a set along with the ampoule, which I thought was a steal because the the essence alone is about 30-40 USD. Here are the exact details on the product because the box was too shiny to read (taken directly from the Missha US company website):




The ingredients seem convincing, because it explains the ingredients for anti-aging and skin clarity. The essence is also a famous dupe for the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


Hopefully the ingredients for SK-II is legible but only a few of Missha’s ingredients have made it to SK-II’s prized product.


The consistency is watery just like a toner. I occasionally use a cotton pad or I use my hands to apply (and save cotton pads haha) for extra absorption onto my skin. Better yet, I recommend putting it in a spray bottle to save cotton pads (because using your hands can also mean spilling the product)!

In conclusion to the treatment essence, it is a great product and a very well-spent product. My skin has become noticeably clearer, with less discoloration and dullness. The product was definitely a good pair with my toner. I would likely buy it again but with the Moist version because the product is targeted for others with a drier skin type. The product still worked for me but my skin absorbed the product too fast I didn’t know whether to put another layer.

Untitled design(1)

Here is another great product! And another famous dupe for Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night repair!

Here are additional information from Missha’s US website:





Here is a comparison for Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (taken from the official Estee Lauder website) for those who are curious:


It is very obvious that Missha’s ingredients contain more formula for it’s specific purpose. The price is a few 10-20 USD less than Estee’s so I would say both can be worth it.


The consistency of this product is thick and gel like, yet watery. The ampoule is very moisturizing. I often use it very generously which I shouldn’t because ampoules are very concentrated. One or two drops will suffice. Or even just one! I could tell that my skin appreciated it the way it would soak slowly but surely. Little pats from my fingertips helped it soak in a little faster.

Overall the ampoule is a great product, it definitely lasts a while. It balances nicely with the rest of my nightly routine products. It is especially good for my dry skin type. This is the only night treatment that I know about, so I will probably stick to this product till I find others that are just as good, if possibly better.

Both the essence and the ampoule was a really good buy, especially for anyone who want to improve their skin without breaking their bank. I would definitely suggest others to try it out but also be mindful if you have any known skin allergies.

Just to clarify, any comparisons that I have made was not intended to downgrade any products, I believe in pros and cons of each products based on my personal opinion. I simply would like to help out anyone who need information on products I review. I apologize if anyone is offended. 

Lastly, thank you very much for reading! I hope you have found my review useful! Till next time!


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