The Beauty Crop Fabulous Flocking Lashes Waterproof Mascara Review

Hello! I am back with another review! I bought this mascara along with my past Birchbox subscription. I believe this product came with the blush I reviewed. The company sells this mascara online at $19.90 USD. The packaging that came in was wrapped in plastic. The product itself is nice and pink. I like the cool flamingo design. Here are additional details about the mascara:

Untitled design(1)

I see the cruel-free logo on the bottom which is nice! The mascara highlights the 2 main ingredient in the product. The entire ingredients was not listed in the product so I snapped the ingredients from the company website:


Here are additional details of the product:


Untitled design(2)

Here’s a close up of the brush. It has a rounded fiber bristles that should be able to comb out each eyelash. The round shape looked like it gives volume to the lashes as well. The smell does not particularly have a smell, although if you give it a few sniff it does have a sharp smell similar to a chemical smell of hair dye.

Untitled design(3)

Here’s a tiny swatch I made and I did a water and smudge test. There results were quite disappointing. On the bright side, it passed the water test but did not past the smudge test. I had the swatch rinsed over running water and did not budge. Once I ran my finger over it, the product had bled. Some remained but it took a few rub till it completely disappeared. I also did a smudge test without the water. I waited till the product was completely dry and ran my finger over it. Sadly, the results were the same and it had smudged.

Untitled design(4)

The top did not have the mascara while the bottom part was curled and applied with the mascara. It does not show any significant changes except the bottom being curled and the lash being slightly longer than the top. I wouldn’t apply the product on my bottom lash knowing that it will smudge. The mascara tend to be a little flaky as well which was why I didn’t layer but nothing too troublesome.

I do have some mixed feelings with this product just because I expected it to be smudge-proof. This is the type of mascara I would probably take precaution when wearing to certain events. I only wear this mascara when I go out for a casual day. It surprisingly lasted the whole day if untouched. The product was easily removed with a few gentle rubs.

I would definitely love to try other Beauty Crop products like their lip products. I do have another blush product from the same brand that I am excited to review so keep a lookout!

This concludes my review! I hope it was helpful for those who were curious about the Beauty Crop mascara. I’m still definitely on a search for a good waterproof and smudge-proof mascara with a good voluminous look. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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