Iope Air Cushion XP in N23 Review

Hello! I am back with another beauty review! BB cushions has always been my go-to face product because it’s very convenient and travel-friendly. It’s often lightweight and has SPF! The combination of makeup and skincare equals BB cushion! I told myself I didn’t want more than 2 compact cushions but I lied. I couldn’t resist trying out new cushions and I really hope I can find one that my skin can accept without the dryness and the flaky skin.

Iope is a well-known popular Korean beauty brand under the company Amore Pacific; the mother of other popular Korean brands (Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, etc.) Iope was the first brand to introduce the original cushion makeup and beauty history was made.

Untitled design (2)

Funny story about this product, I had an older version of the cushion. I meant to buy the refill online and wanted to try out other types of foundation finish. I bought the refill and to my surprise I received the case and the refill! Everything cost about $20 USD on Amazon. The one I chose was N23 which stands for Natural Glow and 23 is the shade number (23 being the darkest shade). Other types include Shimmer and Cover. It gets more complicated; there’s also Intense Cover and Matte Longwear. Each finish (depending on your skin type) determines how much moisture or coverage you want your foundation to have. The shades are limited and only goes from 13 (being the lightest skin tone) to 23 (the darkest tone). The company website has more information about each type of finish and has explanation of which product is suited for your skin type.

Untitled design (3)

The packaging for the cushion is nice and sleek. The case is the newest design compared to the older version. It is a lot skinnier and a bit smaller, more travel-friendly to carry in a purse, wallet or pocket. The case comes with a antibacterial sponge that transfers the product onto the skin. The scent is perfumed but not too overpowering, similar to a soap smell.

Here are some detailed information about the product from the Iope company website:


One tip I learned online from other beauty gurus was to flip the foundation sponge over to make use of the whole product or cut the sponge in half to extract the excess. (2)
Before application

I have a few dark spots but didn’t need the coverage I chose the Natural glow finish because it contained the most moisture for my flaky skin. I often see the flaky and dryness around my forehead, chin and cheeks, sometimes my nose. (1)
After application

The shade is slightly lighter than my skin tone, it may not be obvious but in natural sunlight it looks noticeably different. I do like the light finish, I just hoped it was darker and fitting to my yellowish undertone. (3)
Application on the left and Bare on the right

I hope the difference is noticeable. I only applied the cushion on the left side, leaving my right side bare for comparison. It could be the lighting making the product blend in. The cushion definitely makes my skin lighter and its hides some minor dark spots and blemishes. I can still see the lines under my eyes but never bothered me as much. I use a concealer to hide noticeable spots. The product feels lightweight, cool at first and the amount on the sponge is very generous so I pat it down lightly otherwise the foundation will make me look like a ghost. After a few hours the cushion foundation was not able to handle my flaky skin and re-application was required. I suggest getting a really good moisturizer and/or sunscreen. I’ve been exfoliating as well to lessen the flakes. I’ve been occasionally using coconut oil and it works wonders! Spray mists are good as well but I often forget to apply it.

The Iope Air Cushion Xp in Natural Glow is good for dry skin like myself. I just wish it could stand against my super dry skin haha. For more coverage and an even amount of moisture I’d definitely try their newest Cover formula, it just has less moisture but more cover than Natural Glow.

I hope this review was helpful! I hope to hear your opinion on Iope’s Air Cushion and if you’ve ever tried the other cushion that is really good for dry skin!

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time.

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