Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! Occasionally I get that one (or two!) pimple that I wanna pick at or pop but I know I shouldn’t because it’ll scar, so I thought of finding a product that will stop me from picking at it and get rid of the pimple for me! I will say that the Cosrx pimple patch is the best acne treatment I’ve tried so far.

Cosrx is another Korean brand that has become popular and are sold in U.S. stores such as Ulta! Best part: Cruelty-free! I bought the pimple patch on Ebay for about $3 USD and it is my 2nd set! Cosrx has another type of patch: Clear Fit Master Patch that can be worn outside and is supposed to be discreet in public.

Untitled design (2)

There are a total of 24 patches with several sizes from small, medium and large patches. I mostly use the small and medium patches and hardly the large one.


I love that the direction is also in English, much easier for me to read! It has the information on how to store it and the ingredients etc.


TAA-DAAAAAAA! Not so bad right? (Haha)

These are before pictures of when applied the patch the night before. The left picture is an exposed acne on my chin. The patch did feel a bit thick and sticky when I applied it. The patch also match my skin tone fairly well. I left the patch on overnight and took it off the next morning. (2)

I can honestly say that it was satisfying to see the white part of the acne get pulled out as I removed the patch with it. The white part was extracted cleanly without any scarring around the acne. The skin did ooze a bit of a clear liquid and dried up. The bump lessened and the acne was hardly noticeable after!

One thing I will mention about the pimple patch is that it’s difficult to use on acne that is under the skin, it takes a bit longer for the pimple to dry up and shrink. I still continue to use it on any annoying pimple that I would like to get rid of.

I hope this review didn’t completely gross you out! If so, I apologize! But I wanted to prove that it worked! Haha. I hope you found this review helpful and I would like to know if you had used either of the Cosrx pimple patches or any Cosrx products, let me know! Thank you for reading! Till next time!

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