Blithe InBetween Hydro Priming Cream Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review featuring a dual purpose moisturizer/ primer from Glow Recipe! As I have mentioned before from my previous review, Glow Recipe is one of my favorite online retailer that stands for natural and cruelty-free beauty/ skincare products. I definitely recommend checking the website! There are tons of products from that company I wish I could buy (if my wallet permits me)! I am not affiliated with this company I just have lots of love for them!


I bought this baby directly from the Glow Recipe website. (**Update** Blithe and other brands in Glow Recipe is no longer available but can still be purchased in other retailers**)

The price is $45 USD with my $5 off coupon. I say that it’s still a bit pricey but I had to HAVE IT. When I first saw this on my newsletter, I was sold! I don’t think I’ve seen any multitasking moisturizer/ primer especially for my skin type. I really love that Blithe also has a priming cream for EACH skin type, and that is something I really appreciate. Other than the Hydro priming cream (recommended for all skin types and dry if I must say), there are also Tone Correcting (for oily/combo) and Instant Glowing cream (all skin types).

Blithe is a Korean beauty brand that represents “change of skin and blithe experience through smarter cosmetic from the research of urban women’s lifestyle”. The company developed a concept for their products that specifically fight pollution exposed to skin everyday found in the city lifestyle because pollution equals rapid skin aging…Introducing Anti-Polluaging!

There are 2 product line that represents Anti-Polluaging (captured from the official Blithe website):


Products include: Splash masks, essences and pressed serums which I highly recommend checking out on the Blithe product page.


On to the actual review!


Packaging in the back features the information of the product; including the claims, instructions, ingredients, expiration date, and the cruelty-free stamp! The claim for the Hydro cream ensures hydration and maintains the freshness of your makeup!


The product is contained in a sturdy and colorful glass that is bound to stand out among my other beauty essentials. In all honesty I expected a bigger jar (30mL or 1oz worth), but that’s just me because I wished I used it sparingly. The product lasted me half a year or so, again if I had used a pea or dime size I probably would have stretched it to a year haha. I occasionally end up using more than what I need on my face.



The texture is very creamy/mousse-like, but fluid and stretchy which is why a small amount can be applied on the skin without wasting a lot of product. The cream is easily absorbed into my skin with a slight softening affect and non-tacky feeling whatsoever. You can tell on the image below that the cream has a glowy/ dewy effect, subtle yet natural to look at.


The scent smells almost medicinal, very close to calamine lotion. The smell doesn’t last long and it isn’t overbearing. Although, the scent does leave an impression the first time or every time it is applied.

I have lots of love for the Blithe Hydro Priming cream. I love the concept behind the product and the companies that have ethical standards for animals and natural ingredients. I like the idea of a multitasking moisturizer and primer because it definitely makes getting ready for the day easier. The cream has made it to one of my favorite skincare product because it does not give my makeup any flaky/dry patches. I cannot say whether the primer kept my makeup fresh all day because my current foundation loses the dewy effect overtime but it makes a really smooth canvas. One honest thought about this product I am a bit concerned about is the price because it is pretty expensive and maybe it’s because it’s a dual purpose cream or the natural ingredients, I just can’t help but think it’s too pricey for such a small amount.

I hope you found this review helpful! Let me know what you think of the Blithe/ InBetween products! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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