Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! I am currently using the Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask! I am always up for discovering new products that may help with my dark circles and hopefully lighten my fine lines. The product seems popular online and I read some good things about the eye mask from online reviews so I was excited to try it!


I have noticed the brand in many online stores including Peach and Lily, Glow Recipe, YesStyle, even Ulta (which unfortunately is online purchase only) and many more! Wish Formula is a Korean brand, which I believe is subsidiary to a company called Cotterang Inc. According to their company profile on their website;


Here are the company philosophy I snipped from their profile:




There are more info on their product standards and partnership with other brands as well as how global their brands have become which is why I am seeing the product or the brand everywhere online. I also suggest looking at their collection of skincare products because there are a variety to choose from.

I bought the eye mask on Ebay for about $13 USD and it comes with 10 pairs each. It’s not a bad price at all! Definitely cheaper in comparison to other stores online but I feel like I must mention this, I often use Ebay to buy most of my beauty products. I do warn to make sure products are legitimate and the seller is credible and high-rated. There are definitely fake products out there that try to copy the brand. If uncertain I do suggest buying it from YesStyle, Ulta, Peach and Lily, etc.

On to the review!


I bought the eye mask around summer and I would say it arrived between 1-2 weeks which is the normal shipping time and it also came from Korea which was fairly reasonable. The packaging is really cute and simple, it came in a box that almost looks like a gift. The edge was a bit worn or flattened but I didn’t mind as long as the product inside was okay (which it was).


I took a picture of the claim and information about the eye mask. The product is meant to whiten or brighten and firm skin under the eyes. The key ingredients shown is very appealing to me. I found the ingredients and directions from Peach and Lily:





rosellery.wordpress.com (3)

The eye mask (I believe) is made with cotton, soaked in essence. The texture of the essence is like any other sheet mask; slippery and almost viscous. The scent is very sweet and fruity.


The eye mask fits almost my cheeks. Once I applied it I could feel a cooling sensation which felt nice.

rosellery.wordpress.com (1)
Look into my dead, cold eyes lol or just my blank stare

The mask is very generous with the essence and even had some leftover in the bag. Within 20 minutes or so I could still feel the dampness on the mask, it never dried fully.

rosellery.wordpress.com (2)

My skin afterwards looked refreshed and glowy when I took off the mask. I did feel a bit sticky but once it dried it felt really smooth.

I do think that the product made my eyes look and feel refreshed, however I cannot say that I have used the mask enough to tell whether it works on brightening my dark circles or improved the fine lines under my eyes. I still have some more masks and will continue to use it because I like the firming and glow effect. It may or may not have a promising effect for brightening my dark circles but I am willing to try more of the product until I run out. I don’t often use the mask, only occasionally when my skin looks really tired. I also put my masks (as suggested from my favorite beauty gurus and blogs) in the fridge for a long lasting and cool effect.

I hope you found my review useful! Any suggestion for a good eye mask or eye product? Have you used any Wish Formula products? Let me know! I am curious to try other products from Wish Formula soon!

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!


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