Malin and Goetz Revitalizing Eye Gel Review

Hello! Happy to make a comeback review and would like to share one of the products I use in my daytime skin routine. I used to only have a night time eye cream and super happy I finally have something to use in the daytime. I am mostly looking for an eye treatment that helps moisturize my eyes underneath, prevent and reduce lines if possible, and not look tired!

The eye gel came from last March’s Ipsy Glam Bag Plus that I am currently subscribed to along with five other products. March was a lucky month because subscribers were rewarded an extra product. The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is five full-sized products for $25 USD (excluding tax) for “$120+ USD value”. There are other Ipsy subscriptions: Ipsy Bag ($12 USD) and Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate ($50 USD). Ipsy is really good for discovering products/ brands and building a skincare routine or makeup collection. I definitely love the discount I am getting for five full-sized items!

The revitalizing gel cost $42 USD! (according to the company website). Wow that’s pretty pricey alone (thank you Ipsy haha).

I snipped the claims/ benefit and ingredients on the company website:

The ingredients that I also snipped from the website with a few highlighted ingredients. Also love that it’s cruelty-free yay!

I don’t often look at ingredients and it’s a bad habit of mine. I definitely suggest doing so to prevent future allergic reactions. Some ingredients here I have seen around and heard about except for diamond powder! I looked online for more information other than what’s provided, interestingly enough the ingredient has been in skincare and makeup as a brightening, anti-aging and exfoliating agent. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the ingredient is not toxic or harmful. I suggest visiting as one of the trusted sources for ingredients you’d like to know about. I sure will haha. I’m always amazed with how innovative beauty products are!

The packaging came in a box and in a plastic pump bottle. Very easy to carry around.

The scent is little to none but I can smell a very faint fresh scent.

I use a tiny pea-size for both eyes as the direction states. I rub both my ring finger around my eyes under and on my lids.

The gel’s texture is what gel would feel like, slightly thick and watery as it spreads. As the product gets incorporated into my skin, I could feel the moisture the product is giving my skin. The first time I used it, I could feel a bit of a cool sensation or sometimes even warm. The effect sometimes still happen when I apply it. I have used the product since March, I can’t say there is any significant change other than my eyes are always moisturized and it definitely helps prevent any more lines than I already have. But I do notice a bit of lightening under my eyes so I will continue to use it till then!

I am super happy to be blogging again and I have to, have to , have to keep it consistent this time because I have finally made it a domain! I hope you found this review helpful, what eye products do you recommend? Hope to hear from you! Thank you so much for reading, till next time!

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