Nyx Epic Wear Liquid Liner and Il Makiage Inkliner Review

Welcome back to another review! This time I am doing a double makeup review with the two eyeliner I have had for three months or so. When it comes to eyeliner, I mostly use a lot of liquid liners. I think liquid liners seem the easiest to handle, quickest and the longest wear I’ve had. However, I am interested in any form as long as it stays very well. I will introduce both products and do a smudge and water test as both claimed to be waterproof and long wear. Let’s start with the Nyx Epic Wear Liquid Liner!

The price for the liner is about $10 USD for 0.07 fl oz. Nyx is one of my favorite inexpensive brands, it is accessible to almost any store. They are a cruelty-free brand which I love and have vegan formula in some of their products as advertised in their company website. The packaging came in a box with the brand and color. I got the shade brown for a natural everyday makeup. There are varieties of color to choose from and vibrant ones too. I bought my liner at the nearest Ulta with the 20% off coupon. The product is in a twistable brush and pot. Brush tips can be a bit difficult to draw lines on but definitely glides really well.

Here are the claims/ ingredients I snipped from the company website:

As stated, the liquid liner can be applied on the body too!

I threw my packaging already haha I am sure it is just as stated. Here’s a swatch:

On to the Il Makiage Inkliner!

I received the inkliner as part of my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription for $25 USD for five full-sized items. I definitely recommend it for anyone who would like to explore products and brands! The price on the liner alone is $21 for 0.04 fl oz. WOW! I don’t often pay for that much eyeliner unless it’s really, really good. The amount of product is slightly less than the Nyx Epic Liner. The packaging came in a small box. The tip of the liner is felt and it’s a pen shape, making it easy to draw precise lines.

Here are the claims/ingredients I snipped from the company website:

As stated above, Il Makiage is cruelty-free too! Yay!

Here is a swatch I made for the inkliner.

Swatches for both eyeliners Top: Nyx Bottom: Il Makiage

The Il Makiage inkliner looked like it bled out, it seems light and opaque but buildable. Now for the smudge test for both products. I have been so excited to share!

Top: Nyx Bottom: Il Makiage

The Epic Wear proved to be smudge proof as I went over it with my fingers several times. Il Makiage showed some fading. Now for the water/smudge test in the video here:

As you saw, both products survived the water test without smudging. When I did smudge the liners with water, Il Makiage faded quick and Nyx definitely proved itself to be budge-proof all around. Sadly, Il Makiage did not exceed its claim for smudge-proof. I would probably apply it on a quick occasion where I know I’ll only be out for a short amount of hours. I would also apply a good eyelid primer because my lids get oily and it’s very likely to smudge.

Nyx Epic liner withstanding any rubbing of water and soap

The Nyx Epic Liner did lot leave my hand even after washing with soap and water several times. Even my oil cleanser did not work! I had to put on some micellar/ cleansing water, then my oil cleanser and that did the trick. As far as Nyx being super budge-proof, I can only say that I don’t recommend it for anyone not used to applying with a brush or anyone trying out eyeliner for the first time because it is a PAIN to mess up and try to clean it off. Make sure to immediately wipe off excess from your lashes as it does get on it and it will be unfortunate. I had some on my lashes and as soon as I blinked, it got on my lids. I could not get it off and it took several tries. My eyeshadows faded a bit from rubbing, I was sad haha. I definitely see myself applying the Nyx liner often for long hours and I think it’s very useful for a cosplay makeup on the body.

Even though the Il Makiage Inkliner did not pass the smudge and long-wear test, I still love the brand and would love to try their liquid foundation and lip products! I am in no intention trying to downgrade any brands as I believe in pros and cons of individual products. My only intention was to test both product with similar claims

I hope you found my review on both liquid eyeliners helpful! Any favorite eyeliners? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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