Nomad X Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Palette Review

Hello! I am back with another makeup review! I am normally a skincare gal but I have been exploring makeup lately and I am just interested in colors and creating illusions using makeup. I am an amateur so be gentle! Haha. The Kiss of Sun palette is a bronzer and highlighter palette which I later realized because I thought it was a contour palette!! (OMG HAHA)

I received the Sun palette as part of my May Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription which is about $25 USD (excluding tax). Five full-sized products for less than $30 for me is a pretty good steal I say! The price for the palette alone is $27 USD on their website. Nomad Cosmetics‘ makeup is inspired by colors of destinations around the world using natural ingredients and it’s cruelty-free yay!

Additional information and shade description of the palette

In case the picture was not legible:

“Sun-kissed face palette with 4 highlighting & bronzing powders to create the natural glistening look of the sexy Sydneysiders. Formulated with extra-fine pigments making each shade smooth, blendable & buildable. Infused with Macadamia Oil to help skin feel soft and moisturized”.

Destination: Sydney, Australia and Inspired by Sydneysiders

Stunning natural beauties with hair styled by salty sea waves and glow created by the sun itself, Sydneysiders live in a world of blue skies, teal waters and glistening, sexy bodies in the sand. Utterly fabulous yet approachable and chill, this is a playground where anyone can join: “No worries mate. She’ll be right.”

The palette (and all product) is advertised as: Super blendable, 4x finer pigments, Puresource ingredients, Cruelty and Vegan, No Parabens, Phthalates or mineral oil


Here’s a swatch I made on my skin:

I don’t normally smell makeup or palettes but I did and the scent is faint and slightly sweet I thought it was edible! The palette contains macadamia nut (no wonder!) as described in their website:

Here is a photo of myself using the bronzer and highlighter palette:

Before and after

As you can see on the right I applied the bronzer how I apply contour, it looks noticeable enough on my nose and slightly on the hollows of my cheeks. I applied the highlighter but doesn’t look visible on the photo. Like I said, I am still learning about makeup and decided to review the product despite my error of mistaking it for a contour makeup. I would like to think that I was able to get away with it hehe but contour and bronzing is DIFFERENT. Contour is used as sculpting areas of the face or body to create an illusion and bronzing is used to add warmth to the skin or highlight it.

As reference I made a layout of where I applied the bronzer and highlighter:

White: Bronzer/ contour Black: Highlight

I applied the bronzer in the similar areas contour is applied, using the basic E3 method (E or 3 drawn on each side of the face, forehead to bottom of the jawline). You can also apply bronzer lightly on the bridge of the nose in place of the highlighter. I also labeled where I put the highlighter. I don’t often put any highlighter on the cupid’s bow or between my brows but every now and then I do. I definitely suggest looking up contour techniques based on your face shape to add more sculpt.

Overall, the Kiss of the Sun palette was a lot of fun to use. The palette does achieve sun-kissed. I do love the highlights and shimmery shades and see myself using this as a lowkey contour/highlight makeup because I am already quite tan and I am more careful using less. VERY buildable for sure and it feels smooth. For someone with dry skin I did not notice any dry patches. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a sun-kissed makeup. I think it’s perfect to use for the summer for sure! I would love to try out other Nomad Cosmetics products for sure, especially their eyeshadows because they look really pigmented.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone looking for a good highlighter/ bronzer. Know any contour or bronzing tips? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!


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