Purito Green Level Serum Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! I am sorry it took me a while to write one, but I have not given up on writing reviews! On to the product!

I was very excited for this serum because it was popular among beauty influencers/bloggers. I was very curious about trying the serum out especially because I needed treatment for my acne which I had been getting more often from wearing masks 24/7. The first time I saw this brand, was on YesStyle. Here’s a quick rundown of the brand Purito:

Snipped from the YesStyle website!

What is the Green Level Buffet Serum?

Fun Fact: “Green Level” on the product name is EWG verified green level meaning how safe the ingredients are! Hence, the name Green Level Buffet Serum

**Images snipped from the YesStyle website**

What drew me to the buffet serum was the safe and non-toxic ingredients. I love that the product is cruelty-free, vegan and gentle enough to use for others with sensitive skin and pregnancy. Other than their products, Purito stands for safe and toxic-free products. I respect their ethical standards for being cruelty-free and eco-friendly!

Key Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica (CICA) is a popular ingredient found in most skin products these days. Cica is known for healing wounds and inflammation properties- acne treatment.

Peptide increase skin regeneration, improves wrinkles and skin elasticity

Niacinimide is (another popular ingredient I have been seeing everywhere)an active form of vitamin B3 with multiple skin benefits:

-improves skin barrier and texture

-balances oil production

-minimizes redness, fine lines and wrinkles

-treats hyperpigmentation and acne

-protects against sun damage and environmental stress (sun, pollution and toxins)

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) is an active ingredient for sensitive skin which helps and soothes redness/tired skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

Ceramide improves the skin barrier and maintains moisture and suppleness.

Here is the unscented version of the serum suitable and recommended for sensitive skin:

Snipped from the company website!

My Impressions

I bought the product from YesStyle as part of my beauty haul and have used it since June. The serum costs about 15$ USD or less as YesStyle’s prices fluctuate depending on the sales. For 2fl oz/60mL, I think it’s a fair price and very affordable.

The packaging came in a nice recyclable paper box and plastic bottle:

Directions and ingredients listed on the box
Product description in Korean and English with company info and cruelty-free logo

Texture of the serum is thick and gel-like:

The scent is nice, very herbal and fresh yet light. In the ingredients shown it has bergamot, fruit and lavender oil which may explain the pleasant smell.

Serum slightly absorbing into my skin

The serum felt calming and moisturizing at the same time, not drying AT ALL for my dry skin. I have started using the product since June and has maintained my skin fairly well. As far as acne treatment, I can’t quite say it has worked wonders just because it has been coming and going since I’ve used the serum.

August VS October Comparison

Taken in Aug
Taken in Oct

Both images were taken this year, I use the serum every single day along with my other products which may have helped clear my acne. I can’t quite say that my acne has been maintained because of the buffet serum but my skin feels nice and moisturized. I understand that it takes a couple of months to see results and the fact that the product gentle enough for sensitive skin is reason for me to not dislike the product. Overall, I don’t mind repurchasing the item in the future, I love Purito and would be curious to try other products as well. As of right now, I would like to try something that is strong enough to maintain and clear my acne for this season.

Have you tried the Buffet Serum or Purito products? What do you think? Any good suggestion on their acne treatment products? Let me know!

I hope this review was helpful, I do find joy in giving my personal and honest beauty reviews however I can. Thank you to my humble readers who still follow me and find my reviews insightful. THANK YOU so much for reading! Till next time!

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