Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner Review

Hello! Happy New Year Everyone! My first 2021 skincare review yes!! Super excited to introduce one of my fall and winter routine! Isntree has been a brand I see often, especially from skincare bloggers and influencers. I was curious and wanted to prepare for the dry winter months and after using their product and knowing more about the brand, I now know why! More info on the brand (snipped from the company website):

I also appreciate and love the brand’s transparency on product processing which makes me trust using the products even more!

I don’t even need to explain much about this product, the website just breaks everything down which is nice. Hyaluronic Acid has been an ingredient I’m learning more about and is commonly found in most skincare products today. HA is an ingredient that helps retain moisture inside and onto your skin.

My Impressions:

I bought the toner a while ago last summer to prepare for the fall and winter. I bought it at Jolse for $19 USD (keep an eye out for sales! It’s probably sold for cheaper!) for 200ml/ 6.76 fl oz and due to COVID, my products took a few weeks longer than anticipated to arrive. I was so glad my packaged still arrived though.

Info, directions and ingredients in English printed on one side

The packaging came in a box held in a plastic bottle with a twist cap. The design is nice, clean and simple. As described, the toner is a 2nd generation with improved formula which is nice.

Same info printed in Korean

I’ve been using the product since last end of August and still use it today. The toner will probably last me till the end of the month or so. When I first used the toner, I realized the texture of it was thicker than most toners I’ve ever used which is usually watery. There is no scent whatsoever either!

The HA toner looks thicker and feels slippery but very hydrating and absorbed very nicely into my skin. Overall, I truly love using the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid toner and it has become an essential part of my routine. When I switched over to a new moisturizer that is usually recommended for oily to combo, I felt that it helped my skin stay hydrated. There is no other significant changes I’ve noticed other than its hydrating properties which I don’t mind at all. I have no negative opinion that I can say either so the product is 100 in my book for my super dry skin! There’s another version of the HA toner (which is the Isntree HA toner plus!) that I want to definitely try. I already have a mask that I am using from the same brand and can’t wait to see other interesting products.

I am super excited for this new year and I hope to keep learning more about skincare and sharing my journey with you all! I hope the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid toner was helpful. Thank you so much for reading, till next time!!


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