Jin Jung SungXCrediThink Snail Honey Mask Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! I am excited and very grateful to be presenting one of the few products I received for free in exchanged for my honest review by CrediThink! Their website is not currently operating due to COVID but their Amazon is up and running! I think they are only limited shipping to USA and Canada for now (sorry..)

I am super happy that more Asian beauty has become accessible in the US now (I’ve probably said this before hehe)! Credithink has definitely become one of the many accessible Korean E-Commerce today. What makes the company unique, however is that they only curate “indie and smaller Korean beauty brands that are natural, organic, healthy, and clean so that you can find affordable skincare products that suits your skin type” (and mostly cruelty-free brands too!). I also appreciate that they explain the reason they choose indie brands is to help those products get recognized.

On to the product!

Taken from their Amazon website!
Info on the back of each packets including ingredients and instructions

About the Product

  • Moisturizing and nourishing sheet mask recommended for any skin type especially dry and sensitive skin.
  • Natural honey extracts (royal jelly and propolis) for boosting moisture and skin radiance, soothe and moisturize without the sticky feeling.
  • Mucin essence (snail secretion filtrate of 10,000ppm-parts per million extracted naturally and cruelty-free!) that help reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity and boosts cell regeneration.
  • 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycoproteins for holding and keeping moisture inside bottom layer of skin cells. HA helps protect skin from irritation and dirt build-up from pores.
  • Does not clog pores and safe ingredients

**Description of the product copied and summarized from the company Amazon website!

My impressions

The product came in a box with 10 individual package of sheet masks. The price for the 10 masks would be $15.99 USD. There are no scent at all that I can smell.

The texture is so interesting! As described, the snail mucin in the mask has a slippery, and stretchy essence (it looks clear at first and when you take off the mask after applying, right before it absorbs onto the skin you can still feel the mucin stretch if you pat it against your face!). The second texture is the bubbles that you feel after taking off the netting which is so fun! The mask itself feels soft and slippery, the netting definitely helped when applying onto my face.

I wanted to give myself plenty of time to review the product and gave myself 2-3 weeks which I read is a sufficient time for sheet masks to work it’s magic. I used the product from 12/28/20 to 1/15/21 every other night or two nights. The result was almost the same as I first used the sheet mask. The only thing I can say is that along with using my skin routine products, my skin’s moisture barrier seemed to have improved. I usually expect around winter season to have some flaking in my skin but I rarely see any! I would say that the mask has done its job and stuck its claims of being hydrating and keeping the skin moisturized.

A few of the things I personally dislike about the product is that the mask is too big around my mouth area and cheeks. I completely understand that the mask is made for everyone which I am not even mad about. The product does feel sticky after taking off the mask but doesn’t last long. Again, I figured because of the honey extract I think it would make sense that it could be sticky (no?). Everything about the product was good and would recommend it for anyone who wants a moisture boost and don’t mind it being sticky for a short time! The mask is definitely a good product to try during the fall and winter time.

I hope you find this review helpful! Know any good hydrating sheet mask? What do you think? Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

**Disclaimer: Product was gifted for free to review!

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