Make P:rem x CrediThink Tamanu Calming Serum

It’s time for another beauty review! I received this item last winter from one of my favorite K-beauty store, CrediThink in exchange for my honest review. I made a mini review of the product on my IG but I wanted to write a detailed review on my blog!

As I have posted in my previous reviews, CrediThink is an online store specialized in cruelty-free and clean Korean indie beauty brands. The company have collaborated with Make P:rem (another K-beauty brand I am very fond of) to create the Tamanu serum.

About Make P:rem:

Snipped from the company website!

The company’ s brand concept is “a pragmatic beauty brand with a classy package containing ‘pragmatism + good ingredients + sustainability’ “. Since I started taking a visual merchandising class, I have become more attentive to product designs and colors. I am also loving the brand’s color theme for each collection.

Info on product (taken from Make P:rem’s Amazon) :

Taken from Make P:rem’s Amazon site
Taken from Make P:rem’s Amazon site
Taken from Make P:rem’s Amazon site

Claims/ Benefits:

  • Provides moisture by 60% -day and night hydration
  • Hypoallergenic formula helps regeneration of new skin cells, repairs eczema, soothes irritation, itchiness and stretch marks
  • Heals and reduce acne, scars and redness
  • Soothes and softens skin textures
  • No artificial fragrance and non-comedogenic ingredients
  • Good for dry, sensitive, normal, acne prone and aging skin
  • Non-clogging, sticky or greasy feeling

My Impressions:

I have used the product since December last year and it has lasted me a while since then. I also use it often to double-serum at night. I received the product for free in exchange for a review on Instagram from CrediThink.

Tamanu serum packaging

The serum was an exclusive collaborated product with CrediThink and is currently unavailable (as I could no longer find the item on the Amazon CrediThink store). The packaging is simple, and the pastel color is aesthetically pleasing. The bottle feels like a sturdy, hard plastic and easy to carry around. For a 50ml/1.69 fl oz bottle, the serum has lasted a while considering that I use it almost every night.

The scent caught me off-guard at first because it has a strong herbal and earthy aroma with a hint of citrus. I got used to the scent very quickly, and the smell doesn’t linger too long.

The texture is VERY thick for a serum that I normally use, but very moisturizing as well. I often use the product to double-serum especially during the cold, blemish-y days. The serum was very helpful last winter when my skin barrier got damaged.

Top (BEFORE) Bottom (AFTER applied product)

Overall, I fell in love with the product because it helped maintain my acne and blemishes, the serum even helped with my skin barrier. The scent may or may not be a problem for everyone but I found the citrus notes to be pleasant. The biggest pro about the product is that it lasts a while and very moisturizing that I can stretch the serum out a lot longer. Make P:rem never disappoints with their products. I have used the Radiance Cleansing Pack and it was wonderful. Probably the only few scented products from the brand that I like.

I hope the Tamanu serum from CrediThink was helpful. Let me know how you’re treating your skin for the winter. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

**Disclaimer: Product was gifted for free to review!

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