Vegreen Toner, Serum and Moisture Cream Set Review

Hello! I am back with a special review! I am happy and grateful to finally share my thoughts on these three products from Vegreen in which I was fortunate to receive in exchange for my honest review on my Instagram and blog post. I do regret that it has taken me this long because I was really using every product to the last drop (and was possibly busy)!

About Vegreen

Snipped from company’s website

Snipped from company’s website
Snipped from company website
Snipped from company website
Snipped from company website

The Alcohol-Free Nature Mucin Toner

Snipped from company website
Snipped from company website

Fragrance-Free Nature Mucin Serum

Snipped from company website
Snipped from company website

730 Daily Moisture Cream

Snipped from company website
Snipped from company website

My Impressions

I received the products late June of last year and tested the products on July. My first impression of the products versus using them for several months were pretty much the same, except it got better each time. For three months I have only used the three Vegreen products in my routine (with the exception of a sunscreen) to ensure I notice any difference in my skin while using it. The packaging design was simple and is made of sustainable material as described.

I recognize that the packaging is well thought-out, not just the fact that the materials are biodegradable but because they also have the boxes written in braille too!

Braille written in the corner of the box

The toner and serum containing mucin from wild yam extract was very intriguing because the ingredients of the yam substitutes the snail mucin (popular ingredient among skincare products) with almost similar benefits for the skin. Both products promote the brands as vegan without any use of animal-derived ingredients.

Thick texture of the alcohol-free toner

The toner has lasted the longest compared to the other products. My skin has been accustomed to the product and I really like the thick, jelly-like texture which made my skin even more hydrated. I think I am hooked on thicker toners because my dry skin appreciates it more and will probably prefer it from now on. There is no scent at ALL which I have started to appreciate. There are no cons that I can think of. The toner was emptied out this month.

Texture of the Mucin serum

The serum was the first to be emptied out, I really enjoyed using the serum because it kept my skin protected and hydrated. I occasionally get acne around my cheeks and it’s always a constant battle with trying to treat the dark spots and acne scars around it. I noticed within a month or so that the blemishes on on my cheeks started to lighten and I was surprised! The product settled into my skin pretty quick. There is no scent and the texture was thicker than the toner. The pump was able to get all the product out without any problems. I had emptied the product out last November.

Moisturizer cream texture

The moisturizer was my favorite because of how light the texture was and how it kept my skin moisturized throughout the day. The product is officially one of my favorite moisturizer, I am curious to try the product during winter just to see how hydrating it can be and how much it’ll help my skin from drying out. I had emptied the product the same month as the serum which was last November. There is no scent at all which helps and doesn’t overlap with the products I use that are scented.

Overall I love all the products, except that there isn’t ENOUGH product to keep it lasting! I genuinely enjoyed using the toner, serum and moisturizer and it is very gentle to the skin. Again, I would like to see how the products work in the season my skin is the driest just to see how well it protects my dry skin type. I know that it work pretty well during the spring and summer season. I am excited to see what other products the brand will come up with because they are relatively new. The newest product they launched is the Cica serum for sensitive skin. I appreciate Vegreen for the opportunity to try their products and I am thankful.


I hope the review was helpful for anyone looking at new skincare brands to try and wanting a gentle and simple skin routine. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

**Disclaimer: Product was gifted for free to review!


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