Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! I have tried many sunscreens and have been very particular. I often purchase my sunscreens from Korea because the ones I’ve tried never has a white cast, and not thick compared to the ones I buy in US. I’m sure products have developed in the US but I’m not quite ready to explore that yet hehe.

I was inspired to purchase the Sun Essence from reading a post (that one of my favorite K-beauty blogger, Christina wrote) on Korean sunscreens that were tested and approved because of the K-beauty sunscreen scandal that went viral in 2020. For those who do not know I suggest reading her detailed explanation of the scandal on her post here! Check out her other reviews on K-beauty products too!

Also, funny story I ordered the wrong sun essence thinking it was the Sun Project Water Cream but still ended up liking the product and the brand!

About Thank You Farmer

Snipped from Thank You Farmer Amazon
Snipped from Thank You Farmer Amazon
Snipped from Thank You Farmer Amazon
Snipped from Thank You Farmer Amazon

Thank You Farmer Sun Products

My Impressions

I bought the sun essence on Thank You Farmer’s Amazon page last April for $23 USD for 1.40 fl oz/ 40mL. The shipping was fast, I got the item 4 days after which was nice and I received a few samples! Packaging color is nice and simple, very travel friendly encased in a light, plastic tube.

TYF Sun Essence and packaging with ingredients listed

The scent is soapy and powdery, lightly scented but it disappears afterwards.

Sun essence swatch

The texture feels lightweight, thin and spreads very easily. The sun essence didn’t feel drying and feels moisturized on my skin. Doesn’t have a white cast at all!

Overall, I am happy with the Thank You Farmer Sun Essence that I purchased. What I love about the product is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I think it seemed to pair well with my moisturizers. I also love the fact that it’s moisturizing enough on my dry skin type-at least during the fall and spring season. I didn’t notice any dryness at all during this year’s winter season too, but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t tested it enough to verify my opinion. I guess my only preference for this product is that I wish it was formulated to have a lighter to no scent. Even though the scent doesn’t linger long, I just prefer not to have a lot of scents in my products. Yet, I probably would list the sun essence as one of my re-purchase list because it’s one of the lightweight sunscreens that I’ve tried.

I hope you found this review helpful for those looking to try a new sunscreen! Anyone used any of the TYF products? Let me know! Thank you for reading! Till next time!


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