Make P:rem x CrediThink Tamanu Calming Serum

It’s time for another beauty review! I received this item last winter from one of my favorite K-beauty store, CrediThink in exchange for my honest review. I made a mini review of the product on my IG but I wanted to write a detailed review on my blog! As I have posted in my previousContinue reading “Make P:rem x CrediThink Tamanu Calming Serum”

Jin Jung SungXCrediThink Snail Honey Mask Review

Hello! I am back with another skincare review! I am excited and very grateful to be presenting one of the few products I received for free in exchanged for my honest review by CrediThink! Their website is not currently operating due to COVID but their Amazon is up and running! I think they are onlyContinue reading “Jin Jung SungXCrediThink Snail Honey Mask Review”