Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub Review

I am back with a lip scrub I’ve been using for a LONG time. I bought the Lush lip scrub in Popcorn more than a year ago and somehow it’s still good to use! I occasionally use it before applying a matte lipstick.

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Lush uses castor sugar as the main ingredient for exfoliating the dead skin. The ingredients listed have moisturizing benefits that keep lips nice and smooth. The packaging is in a cute little jar and travel-friendly.

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When I first opened this product, there was an overwhelming scent of buttery popcorn. I was surprised and amazed at how much it smelled exactly like the real thing. The scrub smelled just like kettle corn, tasted like one too! I always feel like I’m in the mood for popcorn and movies when I apply it.

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The texture is very grainy (because of the castor sugar), for effective exfoliation. The lip scrub is definitely a good product to have for anyone that wants to flaunt soft, smooth lips on a matte lipstick (like me!). Matte lipsticks tend to dry up my lips and it looks very noticeable. (2)

Just like this! Lip tints also have similar effects on drying up my lips as well. My lips would look exactly like this if lipstick was applied and that would be ugly. (3)

The Lush lip scrub makes my lips noticeably clean and smooth! I apply lip balm right after for extra moisture. The Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn is a really good product, it smells good, tastes good, works well and it lasts a long time! Did I mention it’s vegan and cruelty-free?! The product is worth it and only $11 USD. One thing that I dislike about this product is that it can be messy. I’m not sure if most lip scrubs are similar, but because the product it so grainy the excess sugar spills like crumbs. I don’t particularly like sugar falling on the floor and attracting pests or insects. I had to hover the sink so it catches the product for me to wash off easily. I wouldn’t recommend applying lip scrub anywhere but the bathroom or near the sink.

Unfortunately the product is no longer available on the Lush website, I am not sure if they still sell it in stores or have fully discontinued it but there are other flavors I believe are just as good! They have added Honey and Chocolate. I would definitely like to try both! I expect that both would have a strong scent that is appealing or too strong maybe. Products were originally Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Popcorn but both Mint and Bubblegum are still there. I hope you enjoyed reading my review! I hope to hear from anyone that have used the Popcorn scrub or any flavors and what you thought of it.

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!


The lip scrub has dried out a few months after this review. It is unfortunate but I suppose it must be time to get a new one soon.

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