Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Review

Hello!! I am super excited to review the famous Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask from Glow Recipe! There were tons of raves and reviews about this lovely product and I was finally able to try out and realize what the hype was all about!

For those who have read my posts, I have often expressed the amount of love I have for Glow Recipe and its other brands! I am a huge fan of their cruelty-free and natural skincare products (inspired by Korean beauty) and truly appreciate their ethics for ONLY having cruelty-free and natural-based beauty products.

The watermelon mask was launched last year of May, along with their own Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser (making it Glow Recipe’s first official skincare product!). Both products became a hit with numerous reviews and praises from different sources. Soon after, the company launched the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer and Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask which became its very own watermelon skincare line. 

On to the review!

I bought the travel size from Sephora for about $22 USD last summer, a reasonable price and half the price compared to the original one just to try it out. The packaging is cute and simple, it comes in a thick plastic baggie. The small solid glass jar fits just right for my small hands, imagine how gigantic the original one is! Haha

Info about the product is in the back of the packaging:

Here are the claims and more details (snipped from the website) (2)The texture of the mask is definitely jelly-like and slippery. I use a generous amount (nickel or quarter size) because the product easily absorbed into my skin. The color is almost clear with a tint of pink. The scent is sweet and almost identical to the real flavor of watermelon, yet candy-like. The product does not come with a spatula and would recommend one to get the most out of the mask, it’s also hygienic that way. Glow Recipe’s blog mentioned putting the watermelon mask in the fridge for long-lasting shelf use. The coldness of the product also refreshes the skin. rosellery.wordpress.comI love how skincare has truly developed. I remember using the good ol’ cold cream every night and only having one specific purpose. Now there are night creams and masks that does multiple jobs on the skin. What I like most about the mask is waking up feeling the smooth texture of my skin and the subtle glow. I love that the mask is multi-purpose because not only is my skin exfoliated, it is also moisturized. I’m very glad I bought the travel size because the mask lasts a while for me. The product can be stretch and it’s worth the money.I love the watermelon mask and definitely recommend it to others with normal to combo/oily skin. Although the mask is also friendly to dry skin types, my skin could use a little more moisture as it gets a bit flaky once in a while whenever I apply the mask. I’m sure others with drier skin had the same concern as well which is probably why they recently launched a NEW MASK! The Avocado Melt mask is a new addition to their product and I am so excited to get my hands on it! I hope you found my review useful! Anyone a fan of Glow Recipe or have used any of their products? If so I would like to know what you think! Any recommendation on other cruelty-free beauty brands I should try? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!




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