Moonshot Micro Glassyfit Cushion Review

Hello! I am back with another makeup review! It has definitely been a while since I reviewed a foundation! I’m very excited to share my thoughts and experience because Moonshot is one of my favorite Korean beauty brand! My first Moonshot cushion was the Face Perfection Balm cushion which says it’s recommended for dry skin during the fall/ winter season. I think my skin is always dry so I bought it anyway. I was immediately in love and the shade was the closest that fit my skin tone. After they launched more cushion foundations, I was enticed to buy the Micro Correctfit then the Micro Glassyfit. The compact cushion looked so pretty! I was drawn to it! I bought the Glassyfit cushion with the rest of my beauty haul on YesStyle. The cushion foundation cost me around $22 USD for 15g.

Some information I found on Moonshot from YesStyle:

Here are the claims and info on the Micro Glassyfit cushion I snipped from YesStyle:

Some of the claims and highlighted ingredients

More info on product design:

Love the thoughtful design in the sponge making it easier to apply products in the inner corners
Assurance for a travel friendly product!

Available shades:

Fortunate that the darkest shade was able to fit to my skin tone, disappointed that there was less variety of shades

Moonshot’s other cushion foundation based on skin type:

Also snipped from YesStyle

Ingredients not printed in the box:

Snipped from the company website

My Impressions:

IN LOVE with the overall packaging and compact design

I knew I had to get the Micro Glassyfit because not only it is recommended for dry skin, I wanted a bit more coverage and covering some of my discoloration around my eyes and blemishes on my cheeks was something I often like to cover when wearing makeup. The claims were very convincing I must say.

The packaging is very beautiful, there’s always a different design to each product. The box is pretty, loving the stars and it is very alluring. The compact is unique almost holographic also reminds me of light reflecting a window which creates that interesting shine. The color is beautiful! There’s mixed between shades of purple and pink, I can’t stop praising the design. Another reason why I HAD to have it.

Cute peachy/ pink color inside the compact

The descriptions in the box is mostly Korean and there are directions printed in English.

The scent is nice, it smells kind of soapy or powdery. The scent does not linger when applied which is good.

My swatches:

Swatch under natural light

The application looked glossy when applied it, as I blended it on my hand it looked a bit more matte.

Glossy finish
Matte also

I was very surprised, it looked matte but when I applied for the first time on my face it looked brighter yet it felt hydrating.

Before and After application
Left: No Makeup VS Right: Micro Glassyfit

I have very uneven skin so I didn’t mind that the shade looked brighter because my neck seemed to match.

Tad bit of dry patches around the cheeks and blemishes

After a couple hours of putting on the foundation, I started noticing a bit of dry patches especially around the cheek area and where my blemishes are. As you can see on the images above, it definitely covers the redness and the patches are noticeable closeup. The bumps are still a bit obvious and may need re-application. I was a little disappointed that the foundation did not withstand my dry skin and sad that I still had some dry patches. That was what mostly bothered me. Overall, The claims for the product being hydrating didn’t work quite as well with my dry skin but I think it’s workable if I apply a good hydrating mist throughout the day. The claims for brightening is there and for coverage is somewhat there just the hydrating part was not so much.

I hope you found this review helpful! Know any hydrating cushion foundation? Because I am still on the search for a really good moisturizing foundation! What’s your favorite Moonshot product? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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