Pixi By Petra Multibalm in Wild Rose Review

Hello! I am back with a makeup review! I got the multibalm as an addition when I signed up for Birchbox. I’ve seen the brand everywhere, especially in Target. The price on the brand website and Target are both 12 USD . Here are additional details that I snapped from the company website:


Cruelty-free yay! I was really excited to get this in the mail because I haven’t had any luck finding good blushes. I normally like to apply blush when I want to have a soft look.

Untitled design(1)

The packaging is simple was sealed in plastic when I received it. Looks very compact, travel-friendly. The bottom of the product has the shade description and the expiration date after opening.



The color is very nice yet subtle. It doesn’t look at all magenta/purple from the swatch that the website shows. The color probably shows very differently on each skin tones. The texture is creamy as it was stated and once it dries it becomes a powdery finish. There’s no particular smell at all the I noticed.


The makeup did not budge after the water test, which is good! I love a good waterproof makeup for any sweaty or emotional (K-drama) days haha.


I even tried to smear it and it’s still there, the color faded a bit but still there!


The blush definitely creates a natural makeup look. When it’s blended it looks very soft. I have to apply it in natural lighting because it’s really hard to see the color and I once applied too much haha. But one nice swipe will do.


When I tried it on my lips it felt like applying lip balm, it’s moisturizing and made my lips feel softer. I would say that it does dry a bit overtime because of its semi-matte finish and I would need to reapply it again. I use my lip balm and the multibalm for double moisture. The color is nice on my lips but hardly noticeable, it does lighten my lips a tad bit though.

Overall the multibalm is a handy product for traveling or on-the-go. I do like it as a blush and not so much with the lips. I felt weird transferring the product from my cheeks to my lips I don’t know why haha. I would probably use a brush next time if I were to apply on both areas. As for repurchasing, I would like to try it with another shade like Soft Strawberry for a brighter look on my cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Thank you very much for reading! Till next time!



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