Macqueen Waterproof Pen Eyeliner Review

Hello! I am back with another makeup review! I have been wanting to replace my dried out eyeliner and decided to try out the Macqueen Waterproof Pen in No. 2 Deep Brown. I was curious to see if the eyeliner can be one of the few products that can withstand my oily lids. I’m not very familiar with the brand except that it’s from Korea! I snipped the brand info from YesStyle:


The eyeliner has two colors: Deep Black and Deep Brown. I bought the product on Ebay for about $7 USD.


The product came in a boxed packaging, the claims written in front with the stamp of originality.


Everything is pretty much written in Korean, the side of the box has a figure of how thin the brush is to advertise the precision you can make on your eyes. The claims for the eyeliner are: “waterproof, long lasting and washable”.


Snipped the ingredients from YesStyle, as it says the ingredients are more accurate in the packaging. Unfortunately for me, I cannot read Korean.


Here are some swatches of the product:


The tip is small and fine as advertised.


The liner is definitely budge-proof, once you let it set it does not smear at all. I also did a water test. The line doesn’t smear against water without rubbing it and once I rubbed it, it almost came off.


Before (top) and After (bottom) Application:

My usual eyeliner look is always the low wing look. I try to emulate a bit of the Korean “Ulzzang” look once in a while. I chose the color brown to show a more softer and natural look. The micro tip really does produce a flawless wing shape. (2)

I really like the Macqueen eyeliner and would probably consider repurchasing it. So far the eyeliner is the best I’ve tried and it hasn’t dried out yet. The price in pretty cheap too compared to a few brands I’ve bought. As of right now, the eyeliner is on sale at YesStyle for a few dollars cheaper than what I bought.

I hope this review was helpful for those considering a new eyeliner. I just wouldn’t recommend the liner for any water-related event. Know any good eyeliner or has tried the Macqueen brand? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!

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