The Inkey List Retinol Eye Cream Review

Hello! I’m excited to share another review of mine. Since I have hit the end of my 20’s I have always been mindful of using anti-aging products and do my utmost power to prevent… (DUN-DUN-DUN) some type of wrinkles and well, aging in general haha. Retinol is a popular ingredient I am sure most have already heard or seen in many beauty products containing retinol. Pretty much retinol is a form of vitamin A, that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I have seen the brand, The Inkey List many times in my social media and was also influenced by beauty bloggers to try it out.

About The Inkey List:

Snipped from the company website!
More details of each categories in the website

I respect the values and their transparency of their products. I also read confirmation of a trusted source I follow from Cruelty-Free Kitty of Inkey List products being cruelty-free but their website doesn’t mention it (?). The products contain some vegan ingredients but not 100% vegan.

Product Overview:

Product info snipped from company website!

Their products are also recyclable by cutting the edge of the tube container and taking off the cap.

My Impressions:

I ordered the eye cream the end of January this year at Sephora on their website and it arrived pretty fast, probably the same week I ordered. I used their free shipping coupon and was almost tempted to buy more things but didn’t. I bought it for $9.99 USD excluding tax for .5 fl oz/ 15mL. Part of the reason I also bought the eye cream was that I had milia around my eyes and read that retinol is very good for treating and preventing milia. I thought that trying the Inkey List would be a good time to use to replace my empty eye cream.

Front of the box
Back of the box

The packaging is very simple and consistent with the black and white box. The tube looked surprisingly bigger than I expected and I guessed that it’ll last for a good while, which does so far. The scent is light and somehow similar to a hint of avocado scent I previously used from a different product. The fragrance doesn’t linger at all and disappears after a while.

The texture is creamy and spreads easily, I normally use about a pea-size for both eyes at night. The cream settles pretty nicely and doesn’t feel dry.

Overall, the product did help me maintain some of my milia but I can’t help but think that the product is too gentle? I am seeing the 3% retinol in the ingredients and I do appreciate that it is gentle on the eye area. I just can’t recall any significant changes as far as my milia disappearing, even the fine lines on my eyes. I have 1-2 deep lines under my eyes and I figured it’ll be difficult to disappear anyway. I also did not see any new lines either which I think is considered a win so I’ll still continue to use it for now. I used the eye cream from February this year up to today.

Inkey List retinol eye cream swatch

Hopefully you found my review helpful for anyone looking for a new night time eye cream! Let me know if you know any good treatment for milia.

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time!


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