Earth’s Recipe Waterful Sun Gel and Make P:rem Radiance Cleansing Pack Review

Hello! I am back with a double skincare review!! I am super excited to review the products I bought from Glow Recipe. I have been following this company for a while now and I love all the products that are presented for different skin types! The company stands for natural and cruelty-free beauty/ skincare products which I truly love and appreciate.
(**Update** Earth’s Recipe and Make P:Rem, along with other brands in Glow Recipe is no longer available and can still be purchased in other retailers**)

I bought both products several months ago and still continue to use it! On to my first review:

Summer is definitely here and sun protection is a must!! Earth’s Recipe is one of the recommended sunscreen for dry skin. I bought this directly from the Glow Recipe website for $25 USD. It was also smaller than I expected, less than or the same size as my hand but what’s crazy is that it’s the same amount as my old sunscreen I previously reviewed and it lasts just as long!!

Here are the description of the sun gel and the ingredients shown in the packaging:

Untitled design (3)

Most Korean beauty products are written in Korean. Thankfully it was translated in English which I truly appreciate.

As you can see the image from above, the product is held in a plastic, squeezable bottle. It’s very cute and compact, great for travel. The scent is very faint, yet pleasant and fresh that is close to a fruity smell. (2)

The texture definitely feels watery but not as gel-like as I expected. The gel absorbs pretty well on my dry skin and it’s spreads very well and even. No white cast at all and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin! I recommend applying this product in small pea size around the face because it does have a shiny/ greasy effect when applied too much.

Overall, I like the product but I would probably love it during winter when my skin really appreciates the greasy/shiny effect because my skin will need the extra moisture.

To the next review!

I needed a new cleanser that doesn’t dry up my skin as well as effectively clean into my pores. Thankfully, I found Make P:rem Radiance Cleansing Pack! Everything else is in Korean, but here are some description about Make P:rem and what it stands for:

Untitled design (4)

Here’s the product information from the Glow Recipe website:


I bought the cleanser for $30 USD along with Earth’s Recipe Sun Gel. The packaging came in a recycled box. The product is contained in a squeezable bottle. The scent is very fruity, smells like sweet grapefruit. The texture is mousse-like, it spreads very smoothly. The cleanser has a similar texture to Elizavecca’s bubble mask that I previously reviewed (3)

I love that this product is a multi-use cleanser/ mask. I can easily use it as a daily cleanser or a mask when I want to thoroughly clean my pores or feel like I just need a deep clean for my skin. Either method makes my skin feel clean and I do not feel the dryness at all! (4) (5)

When I applied it as a mask, it felt a bit tight but I thought that was normal. The mask dried on my skin pretty fast. I apply a thicker layer around my nose area to really get rid of my black/white heads. The only thing about this product as a mask is that it is difficult to completely wash off. I needed to wash each side of my face a couple times for it to disappear. I would like to think that it works that way because the product clings on to the impurities very tightly(?). I pretty much prefer it as a cleanser but I love that it has the option to be a mask.

Overall, both products from Glow Recipe are amazing! I did not expect anything less and it did the job as it was described. I must say that both products are a bit pricey for my budgeting self but both products are worth it because it lasts pretty long. Alternatively, both items can be bought online for a cheaper price it would just be hard to say that it’s authentic so that’s something you can consider when buying online like Ebay or Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and found it helpful! Has anyone tried these product before? Or any Blithe and Make P:rem products? If so let me know! I would love to hear what you guys think!

Thank you for reading! Till next time!

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